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Belmont in Decent Merchandise Shocker

Yes, it’s finally happened — a major racing event has managed to offer a variety of commemorative merchandise that does not suck. This year’s offerings for the Belmont are really rather good — women’s t-shirts that actually fit (and only a minority of the designs look as though they are aimed at 13-year-old girls with a Bedazzler fetish), a variety of caps with a great logo, and even a bathrobe can be yours if you so desire it. I can personally attest to the quality of the women’s ringer t-shirt and racerback shirt and so far our own 3-year-old quality control tester (pictured) has not managed to destroy his shirt (although they do run small in the toddler sizes – order up).

The Big Brown-specific merchandise offerings are not quite as extensive, but I appreciate their making some available. (I would imagine there will be a fair few unofficial vendors in the Belmont parking lot with bootleg Big Brown t-shirts containing various degrees of spelling and grammar inaccuracy in addition to dodgy transfers). There are a few Big Brown designs appearing on CafePress and eBay; you can even get a sticker declaring that he’s already won the Triple Crown, or a shirt that’s done a little Photoshopping with the official logo (although it would have been more effective if they had not left the horse a chestnut).

I’m still on the lookout for cool Japanese Casino Drive merchandise — why no Kubrick version yet?

But perhaps you are are more discerning than most, and are in the market for something a little different. In that case, this wins the award for the strangest Big Brown-related item available on the interweb. Happy shopping!

2 comments to Belmont in Decent Merchandise Shocker

  • chariset

    Superfecta Junior (Trifecta? Quinella?) is so cute!

  • Tote Board Brad

    it is damn nice to have some decent schwag options in racing. you can usually get cooler t-shirts from the opening band that is playing a non-garage venue for the first time.

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