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Aren’t We All?

In response to questions about past financial misdeeds, IEAH co-president Michael Iavarone said:

“I guess what I’m most disappointed about is that this whole Triple Crown run has been turned into me first and the horse second.”

Yes, it’s all about you!

I guess what I’m most disappointed about (apart from that) is that there was some sort of public assumption that most hedge funds were on the up and up. Does no one read The Economist?

5 comments to Aren’t We All?

  • Michael

    I think to say that “the whole triple crown” has become about him is just a bit of an overstatement.

    I mean, it’s really only been about him since yesterday afternoon when the Bloomberg story broke…

    Before that it was Winstrol, Dutrow’s misdeeds and bad feet…

  • Superfecta

    So true. But his comment really tells me everything I needed to know about him.

  • dana

    Not to mention that the decision not run BB at 4 seems to be all about him.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of this guy and all the rest of BB’s slimeball connections.

    I like to think that, were Big Brown granted a moment of human understanding, he’d pack up his big red jollyball and march over to someone else’s barn. Anyone else’s barn.

  • Anonymous

    on equidaily, there’s a link to a new bloomberg aricle on slimeball mikey.

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