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Hard Spun & Tiago Make The Economist

Although Hard Spun is off at stud and Tiago had a somewhat lackluster 2008 debut, they are both photogenic enough (or unidentifiable enough to the general public) to illustrate an article (left) in The Economist on whole NYC OTB/NYRA morass. (In case you missed page 35 of the print version, it’s also available online — and in a less-cropped version). Given the small amount of space they are able to devote to the issue, I strongly suggest you stick with Alan for this topic, but it was nice to see horse racing discussed somewhere in the mainstream media at this time of year (even in this context).

But the photo led me to the real question — what race is this? It’s obviously not the Belmont (which was the only New York race I could think of that featured both Tiago and Hard Spun), and the mob of horses in the photo suggests to me that it’s the Derby (and so not terribly relevant to an article on New York racing, but I’m obviously the only person who cares). Any other guesses?

In other (Kentucky-related) news, Churchill Downs is hosting a news conference tomorrow with Roy and Gretchen Jackson for a ‘special announcement.’ One can only assume that as it will be the one-year anniversary of Barbaro’s death, that said announcement will be that his ashes are to be interred at the track or museum. While reflection is all very well and good, I prefer to look to the future at this point — I have it from the horse’s mouth (as it were) that their filly Sweetest Kiss is one to watch…

7 comments to Hard Spun & Tiago Make The Economist

  • Anonymous

    that looks like the King’s Bishop–my guess is that’s First Defence vying w/ Hard Spun

  • Superfecta

    Perhaps you’re right…the colors on my monitor are a bit peculiar, so maybe that is First Defence rather than Tiago.

    Any confirmation?

  • wendyu

    I don’t think it’s the Derby. Hard Spun was hugging the rail till, as we all know, the end when the other rail hugging horse/rider came through for the win. :)

  • Teresa

    The only NY track it could be is Saratoga, and it doesn’t look like Saratoga’s infield. They’d have to be coming around the far turn towards the stretch, and the backstretch part of the infield doesn’t look like that.

    Not saying for sure, but it doesn’t look right to me.

  • Jessica

    It is Saratoga and the King’s Bishop — you can see the gate in the 7-furlong chute. That’s First Defence to Hard Spun’s right, Spin Master and EZ Warrior to the left.

  • Teresa

    I stand corrected…the chute makes sense, but the infield just didn’t look familiar…and I even pulled up my summer photos to check it out.

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