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Walkovers for Curlin?

Gary West has a will-he-or-won’t-he article on Jess Jackson and his possible future goals for Curlin now that Padua has offloaded their share in him (although clearly the whole ownership piece is going to keep the courtrooms of Kentucky in business for a long time to come). If Curlin does remain in training next year (and of course I hope he does), it begs the question of exactly whom is he going to run against? The best of his generation have all been retired to stud (even though Hard Spun just seemed to get better and better and Any Given Saturday could have used another run over a drier track) and while there is theoretically some slight possibility that we could see Rags to Riches next year (although TVG’s on-track feed referred to her minor injury as ‘career-ending’ during the Breeders’ Cup – do they have inside information or are they just assuming?), it seems unlikely.

Perhaps the best hope is that he just comes out for a series of walkovers early in the year while he waits for War Pass and his agemates to grow up; things could really kick off come August 2008. The Dubai World Cup doesn’t seem to have any real contenders at this point either; it seems that he may as well add that feather to his cap too. Of course, some Smart Strike offspring (notably English Channel) like the turf – can anyone imagine Curlin facing off against Better Talk Now? If it did indeed turn out that Curlin likes both surfaces, that would open up a new realm of possibilities.

So, I leave it to you, dear readers – whom would you like to see take on Curlin next year?

13 comments to Walkovers for Curlin?

  • Valerie

    Who do I want to see take on Curlin competitively next year? I mean, really challenge him…Tiago, who I still think will get better with age. Ravel and Great Hunter—I was big on both of them earlier in the year before they were injured. But, the biggest competitor for Curlin next year? I hope to god it is Rags to Riches. I would love to see her come back in crushing form, and go head-to-head with the boys, but particularly chestnut-to-chestnut with Curlin! Hey, a girl can dream….

  • Superfecta

    I was just thinking that Magnificience is on her way back too…that would be fun.

  • dana

    I’m also wondering what 3yo(s) will really improve next year a la Lawyer Ron. Zanjero? Xchanger? Bwana Bull?

    I’m pretty jazzed about Ravel & Great Hunter too… not to mention, of course, R2R & Magnificence.

  • Michael

    I’m still waiting for Dominican to turn out to be the monster that I thought he was going to be at age 3. At least he’ll be around since he’s a gelding.

  • Superfecta

    Speaking of geldings, I wonder what Sweetnorthernsaint is up to. He never struck me as being in the same class, but certainly seemed a good, honest runner.

  • dana

    Oh yeah, Dominican… I agree!

  • wendyu

    Buffalo Man! I can’t wait to watch him as a 4yr old.

    I LOVE the idea of Better Talk Now (I’m a HUGE fan) and Curlin going at it.

  • Anonymous

    One likely opponent in Dubai – Premium Tap! Another possibility – Midnight Lute is supposed to be stretched out to run in routes.

  • Teresa

    What a great question…and a hard one to answer, because try as I might, I can’t think of a horse that would challenge Curlin next year. The two three-year-olds that I’ve liked this year are CP West and Grasshopper, both of whom challenged Street Sense at Saratoga, but I really can’t see either of them mounting a significant challenge to Curlin, unless Grasshopper’s Super Derby was a throw-out and he builds on the promise he showed at Saratoga as he gets older. I’ll be intrigued to see how Ravel comes back, and I was a Notional fan last spring, but I don’t think that he’s even returned to training yet.

  • dana

    I would throw Belgravia in there too, he recently returned with a place in a $62K OC, perhaps he’ll improve now that he’s back. I’m with Teresa on Notional as well.

    Premium Tap would definitely be a worthy opponent!

  • Valerie

    Funny you should mention Sweetnorthernsaint…he posted a breeze Saturday (first time since May) at Laurel Park. 38.00 for 3 furlongs.

  • Kathie

    I like watching Tiago. He has challenged Curlin a few times. How about No Biz or Red Giant? I love Rags too and hope she returns. Yesterday there was news that she would return to training in California. But whether she should take on Curlin again is questionable to me. I think they should leave well enough alone.

  • UMBRx2002

    All year I’ve been a fan of Imawildandcrazyguy and Storm in May who are down at Calder. I always love to see the greys on top, maybe they’ll get their stuff in order for next year since they’re also geldings.

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