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Breeders’ Cup Oddities

First, a minor rant — this year’s tickets are being sent via UPS — fine, I’ve gotten them that way in previous years, even if it does seems like a waste of money to send a letter informing you where your seats will be, rather than just mailing the tickets. However, this year they have sent them with an in-person delivery requirement (and no, just signing the slip for them to leave them is not good enough), meaning that if you have what I understand is called a ‘job,’ you will in all likelihood be away from home when they attempt to deliver your tickets. (It’s possible you hear the voice of experience here).

I spend a goodly amount of time on the phone with UPS trying to get them to just leave the tickets along with all the other no-living-person-required packages that arrive on my porch daily, but no luck. Work has a policy forbidding receiving personal packages and letters (which I can understand, given that I don’t really want my things being stored next to a shipment of parasites or bull semen), so having it sent to me here does not work either. If they simply mailed them, there would be no problem. They could even mail them and require a signature — fine, I’d get them the next day. But spending money on this particular method wastes time and money for everyone involved, and is less of a guarantee that the tickets in question will ever be successfully delivered.

You may also have noticed (if you were paying very close attention) that there is a ‘Breeders’ Cup Fanfest‘ taking place over the next few weekends. Of course, it doesn’t really cater to the fans, since most of them won’t be there the weekend before, but there’s nothing wrong with getting the local community excited about the event. The Fanfest Celebration sounds like your typical street fair, with crafts, entertainment and beer (although it does not mention specifically who will be in the beer tent — hopefully quality locals like Flying Fish will be holding court and not something dull like A-B). But wait, there’s more! There’s also a polo match and a regatta. I’m a little less clear on how those tie in to the Breeders’ Cup, but I suppose the polo is at least for charity. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any other events surrounding a Breeders’ Cup anywhere, but again, it’s not really something I’ve paid attention to. Still, at least the merchandise is a bit better this year…

6 comments to Breeders’ Cup Oddities

  • Handride

    they left mine at the door, didn’t have to sign, i guess you got different rules where you live, weird

  • Ruben Bailey

    Really? You think the merch is “better”? How is this shirt ( any type of cool? This is one of those that one year from now will be a white t with waaaay too much turquoise. One day we’ll all get it and our merch will actually have a reach beyond die hard fans.

  • John

    I was lucky and was driving up to my house when the UPS guy was walking away from my door.

  • Michael

    They just left mine at the door last year too. Sounds like you have an overly strict guy in short brown pants.

  • Superfecta

    Actually, I think this year’s logo is pretty good — although I admit I’m not a fan of that shirt in particular. My 2005 sweatshirt (or was it 04?) is still the best I have so far, but there are at least a few things for the small and female among us, so that’s a step in the right direction…

  • Alan H.

    UPS would not deliver my tickets without a signature either. They left a post-it for me saying that they would try 3 times and then send the package back to the sender. I went to their website and found that you can re-route the package to an address where you know someone will be there to sign. They should arrive at my alternate address on Monday.

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