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More on the Rags to Riches ‘Blog’

Naturally, the launch of the Rags to Riches ‘blog’ has been the subject of much chatter around the TBA. Most of us had similar thoughts, which can be boiled down to 1) it’s not really a blog and 2) it’s not saying anything you can’t find elsewhere. I’ll give the NTRA points for providing the space for it, but it really needs to step up in the content department.

A much better example to follow (apart from simply copying the TBA, of course!) is that of Ed Dunlop. The site has a profile for each horse in training (which, obviously, would be quite a task for Team Pletcher) — even the two-year-olds have at least a placeholder and some photos (see American Opera’s profile or click here if by some chance you were looking for information on actual American operas). Even after retirement, there are exclusive updates and photos of horses like Ouija Board so that fans can really get something of an insider perspective.

Certainly more substantive news, like the fact that Rags will likely be pointed toward filly races for the rest of the year, is better found elsewhere. (A small aside: I think this is perfectly reasonable – I’m more interested in seeing her face off against males as a 4 or 5 year old — hey, it works well for the British and Australian mares, as Ouija Board, Makybe Diva and of course Miss Andretti have demonstrated. Another aside: Miss Andretti’s owners have turned down a ‘mind-blowing’ offer for her).

Even adding a photo or two would have made it a little more exciting to look at. I’ll give a C+ for the concept (even though it’s a little late to the game) but a D in execution. I’m still waiting on merchandise…

1 comment to More on the Rags to Riches ‘Blog’

  • Jolene

    I always felt the “Dollar Bill” website was cute, and more “bloggish” than most…regularly updated and from the horse’s POV, no less!

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