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Racehorses in History

June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

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Charming ‘Men’

It’s the old warhorses headlining things this weekend (now that the injured Invasor will not be part of the Suburban picture); both Lava Man and The Tin Man are aiming for threepeats in their respective races. Lava Man is hoping to match Native Diver’s streak of Hollywood Gold Cup victories, and The Tin Man’s run at the American Invitational Handicap could be just as history-making — it’s a feat that’s never been accomplished.

While The Tin Man is coming off a string of victories (has anyone told him he’s nine years old?), Lava Man seems to be working his way back into form after a less-than-illustrious trip to Dubai. The Tin Man will be meeting some familiar foes, while Lava Man faces a more unfamiliar bunch which includes AP Arrow and Wilko (and at least you can say Wilko has a good number of starts under his belt by now — he seems to like finishing in the money but not quite getting up for the win). The other question mark hovering over Lava Man is how he will take to the Cushion Track — he’s been training well on it, but he trained well in Dubai too. But given his ability on both turf and dirt, it would stand to reason that it should not be much of a factor for him.

As noted above, the absence of Invasor makes the Suburban almost an afterthought; it’s a bit unfair because it’s not a bad field. Granted, it’s not exactly one that would have been in the same class as Invasor, but Corinthian seems to be coming into his own, Hesanoldsalt always tries and it’s hard not to smile at Evening Attire. And it still has a ‘storyline’ (which is handy, given that it’s actually on television) — father and son training rivals (at least in this instance) Allen and Jimmy Jerkins will have the chance for a rematch between Political Force (Allen) and Corinthian (Jimmy).

Finally, check out the latest NTRA blog from Randy Moss — unlike the very PR-conscious Rags to Riches ‘blog’ this one has real personality — welcome to the blogosphere!

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