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Racehorses in History

June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

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There’s some press coverage of the Barbaro Celebration in the Philly papers today; some of the recent improvements to Delaware Park that will be on display opening weekend are covered here. There are still no official dropouts from the Derby field so far and Chelokee’s current chances of getting in are explained a bit more here.

The only thing we know for certain about the Derby at this point is that the menu for the Queen has been drawn up, although I think they are making a mistake by leaving out Derby Pie. There are more details on her visit to Kentucky here – she will likely pay a visit to Lane’s End Farm as she is good friends with owner Will Farish (who some of my friends met at a deli in Kentucky last week – they were impressed because he seemed to know everyone’s name, from the regulars to the staff).

In other news, Belmont winner Jazil will be trying the turf at Keeneland in the Elkhorn – we’ll see how he takes to the surface.

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