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Ups and Downs

While it seems we can once again take a cautiously optimistic view of Barbaro’s situation (here and here as well), the news is not so good for Lost in the Fog. Over the last few days he has gone from being treated for what was thought to be a not-overly-serious case of colic to having a cancerous mass in his spleen. Obviously his recent lackluster performances were not simply due to his being tired or unwilling to run. The Blood-Horse notes that the surgery required is fairly uncommon and that his connections are looking for the best possible treatment.

For all things veterinary, Dr. Dean Richardson will be doing an online chat this evening in conjunction with The Blood Horse. It’s scheduled for 6 pm ET (although given his recent name recognition, one might assume that Lost in the Fog’s connections and/or journalists might try to take up a bit of his time as well).

In somewhat complex racing news, an owner has sued a trainer for a positive drug test that resulted in a disqualification. An added twist is that the owner in question also owned the recently-deceased New Joysey Jeff, half-brother to the filly mentioned in the suit. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

More to come later this week…but in the meantime, good luck to Lost in the Fog.

Update: The Thoroughbred Times now has a more detailed article regarding next steps for Lost in the Fog, as does the Courier-Journal.

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3 comments to Ups and Downs

  • Tote Board Brad

    Fog have cancer is so sad. Also, we probably wont be afforded the detailed updates we’ve become accustomed to with Barbaro. Maybe Foggy isn’t as big a deal to most folks in the nation, but here in NorCal he’s still pretty special. We’re all pulling for him.

  • Superfecta

    I know what you mean, Bay Meadows used to be my local track and it’s hard to imagine. I’ve got some feelers out for updates…fingers crossed.

  • kentucky joe

    I saw this headline today and just shook my head. It seems our beloved sport has had more than it’s fair share of bad news this year. We are due for some good news so maybe both foggy and bobby can overcome their health issues. There are a couple of irrefutable facts about the breed that help endear them to a fan like me and one that I really admire is most of them have a lot of heart. Let’s hope that helps pull these two through.

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