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June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

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Delayed Weekend Roundup

Our rundown of the weekend’s events was a bit delayed thanks to yesterday’s short-but-powerful storm which knocked out our television, internet connection and commuter line until a good 24 hours after the event. I’m sure I had a number of witty and/or clever comments which have since left my brain, so here are the remainders:

Japanese star Dance in the Mood did indeed win the CashCall Mile; Sweet Talker made a good run for second, but Dance in the Mood was clearly determined to prove that she could win in the US. The daughter of Sunday Silence was impressive indeed; it will be interesting to see how Japanese breeding continues in his much-lamented absence. (The fact that Sunday Silence and Easy Goer are both dead makes me feel old; they brought on my bad-weather-at-the-track luck when I went to the 1989 Derby — it rained, hailed, sleeted, snowed briefly and the sun came out on occasion. It was quite a day. Ever since, it seems to rain when I go for a big day).

Speaking of milers, I really like Miesque’s Approval, and he is continuing his winning ways. It’s odd to think that he was finishing out of the money in claiming races last year.

Invasor was much the best in the Suburban Handicap; Fernando Jara turned in another smart ride. Clearly, there’s something in the water for his sire, Candy Stripes, down Argentine way.

Team Funny Cide invaded Canada successfully — he won the Dominion Day, becoming the first Derby winner since Secretariat to win a race at Woodbine. Given the hot/stormy weather we’ve been having here, Canada sounds like a wonderful place to be. As Funny Cide has had problems with running in hot weather in the past, this spot certainly seems to vindicate the issue for those who took it as an excuse. I’d rather run in Toronto in the high 80s than here in the high 90s, wouldn’t you? That’s 22 top-three finishes for the Gutsy Gelding; he’s clearly enjoying himself now that he’s found the winner’s circle again.

Eight-years-young The Tin Man came back (again!) to win the American — a repeat of his 2002 performance. Consider this point — this year’s three-year-olds were still in the planning stages when he won it the first time. True, the field was small after a few notable scratches, but it’s nice to see another older guy winning.

If you are waiting to watch the Irish Derby on ESPN, you may want to look away now. If not, here’s the result:

Dylan Thomas won, with Kieren Fallon aboard. I’m sure I had some sort of clever allusion to the poet’s drinking habits to insert here (or, having lived in rural Wales, I could drop in some Welsh if I really thought about it), but the heat (and lack of air conditioning, an issue that will be corrected next week) saps my strength. Instead, I will point you in the direction of an article or two on Fallon’s potential legal woes, here and here.

And last but certainly not least, Barbaro’s latest cast change went well. He had three new screws put in and word is that his x-rays are looking very good indeed. There are new photos at Penn’s site; he certainly looks healthy and alert as he goes in for the procedure. Hopefully the positive reports will continue.

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