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Racehorses in History

June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

Raceday 360


Moon of Alabama?

The collective connections of the fillies in the Alabama are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief at the absence of Rachel Alexandra. Without her long shadow looming over them, we get the chance to note that they are a nice group – they may not be as freakishly talented, but they have, for [...]

Not an Epic Fail, But Needs Work

I finally had a chance to look at the rules for the Social Media category of the Breeders’ Cup Media Awards; while I’m glad they decided to come to the party (if a bit late), I must admit I’m not terribly impressed by their grasp of social media – nor am I thrilled that they [...]

Ye Cannae Change The Laws O’ Physics…

…but paying attention to them can make raceshorses run faster. Indeed, the changes in jockeys’ riding styles since the early 20th century seem to account for modern speed to some extent, according to new research published in Science this week. (Of course, as a former Nature employee I hate to link to a [...]

Both Sides Now

I get it, I really do – after the debacle with Curlin in the Breeders’ Cup, I can see why Jess Jackson doesn’t want to bring Rachel Alexandra to the Breeders’ Cup this year. But two facts don’t quite fit in with his firm anti-’plastic surfaces’ viewpoint. The first is that Curlin always [...]

An Archivist’s Take on Partymanners

I read yesterday’s post at The Rail regarding ‘Partymanners,’ the undisputed horse racing king of YouTube, with great interest – it’s a relatively rare occurrence when my professional and hobby worlds collide. Many of my regular readers are vaguely aware that I’m an archivist. Most probably think that has something or other to [...]

The Duckworth Lewis Method

I know what you’re thinking. But Superfecta, it’s Belmont week! Why are you reviewing an album by some Irish guys about cricket? I mean, come on – you write about the Sport of Kings and, occasionally, the Beautiful Game – what could you possibly know about cricket?

Fear not, dear reader – we’ll [...]

A Brief Pause…

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, but the abbreviated work week and a bit of ongoing research for my next post are keeping me on the slow track.

I did want to take a moment to share my appreciation for our marvelous new Hello Race Fans sponsors – please do take a moment [...]

Mainstream Media, Meet Racing

While we wait for the Preakness draw, you may as well check out Calvin Borel’s appearance on The Tonight Show last night. (He starts at chapter five, in case you get lost). Had this been Oprah, I presume they would have subtitled him, but at least we established he did have electricity growing [...]

Road to Baltimore

Yesterday, I suggested we wait and see where Mine That Bird will fit in Kentucky Derby history; today, however, it’s time to recap the weekend’s racing and in that context, his Derby victory is still something to puzzle over.

It goes without saying that there was no greater spectacle in racing than Rachel Alexandra’s utterly dominant [...]

Derby Deals and Defections

There’s been another wholly sensible Derby defection; following in the slightly-bloody hoofprints of Quality Road, Square Eddie is also bowing out of the Derby field. It’s rather refreshing to see that two very talented horses are being handled with such caution – both should be back later in the season once they have fully [...]